December 2009

My First Time: You're Doing It Wrong! (part one)

In the last few days, when I've told people that I've never really listened to The Cure, I've been met with a mix of "blasphemy" and "you're not missing much." Aside from the few singles here and there or covers of Cure songs by other bands, my knowledge is pretty sparse. I've been googling the band, listening to music clips and watching the occasional YouTube video trying to figure out how to dive into this music pool. Then I decided, that I would start at the end.

Apparently I am doing it wrong. Any time someone has introduced me to a band, it's pretty much ritual that you start at the beginning of their music catalogue or somewhere near it and work your way to the latest release. I've just done that so many times, I feel like shaking it up a bit. Rebellious, I know!