May 2011

Song of the Day: "Friday I'm in Love"

One of the more poppy, mainstream songs by The Cure, “Friday I’m in Love” has been featured in so many pieces of media that it’s unlikely that anyone has never heard of the song. From Boys Don’t Cry to He’s Just Not That Into You, it’s on several movie soundtracks (some obviously much better than others). It’s been covered by other artists, parodied, and I’m not sure if it’s been used in commercials or not, but odds are that it has.

Crystal Castles' "Not in Love" Featuring Robert Smith

Cure frontman lends vocals to remix

Since the release of their last album in 2008, it seems like the Cure have been keeping a low profile on the music scene. They’ve got plans to headline Bestival in September, but other than that the English band has been keeping quiet. Robert Smith, however, seems to be aware of his own role as an icon in the music scene. He’s the singer for one of the most famous alt-rock bands to come out of England in the ‘80s, and to boot he looks like a character from a certain Neil Gaiman graphic novel. I saw The Cure perform at Curiosa Festival back in 2004. Smith especially still has great stage presence despite the fact that he’s been working with the same band for about thirty years.