February 2012

Friday I'm In Love

The Cure has always written some of the most memorable and poignant love songs. What I've always admired about Cure love songs is that they keep an element of realism compared to most love songs. Although many love songs focus on only the good points and how love is supposed to ultimately be perfect, the Cure always seemed to focus on love as it exists more realistically; such as the flaws or unique features you can love about someone, or even loving someone who might be a million miles away from you.


There are so many classic songs by The Cure that it can be really difficult to start choosing favorites sometimes. Yet, since they are such an amazing band, it is also difficult not to have a large amount of favorites as well. As I thought about this today, I was easily reminded of one of my favorite albums -- Disintegration. When it comes down to favorites, this album has always had a noteworthy amount of the most memorable songs on it.

Bestival Live 2011

If you haven't yet picked up The Cure live DVD, Bestival Live 2011, you may want to consider checking it out. Although this is a great DVD for devoted Cure fans, there is one factor that cannot quite be overlooked - a significant change to one of the songs in the set list. Almost everyone is familiar with the song Killing An Arab - which was the first single released by The Cure - but did you know that on the Bestival Live 2011 DVD, Robert Smith changes the song to Killing Another instead?