March 2012

Heinali and Matt Finney - 'Plainsong'

Ever wonder what Disintegration's opener would sound like in a doomier register? Here it is reimagined as a fuzzed-out post-rock number. It sure will make you feel like you're living at the edge of the world.

If Only Tonight We Could Sleep

Perhaps one of the most beautiful and relaxing Cure songs that exists could be If Only Tonight We Could Sleep. This song has never failed to put me into a relaxed, thoughtful, peaceful state of mind -- and has always made me curious about what Robert Smith was actually thinking about when he originally wrote the lyrics to the song. Everything about this song is literally flawless, even when its performed live -- and not all artists are able to keep such a level of beauty in their music when transcending from albums to live performances -- but of course, the Cure has always mastered it well.